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Earn a Preventive Maintenance Black Belt by Optimizing Your CMMS

Posted by Matt Munter on 9/16/19 8:49 AM

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Only a short decade ago, facility managers were just starting to think about computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). Today, just about everyone is using some type of CMMS to improve efficiency. While these systems can always be relied on to churn out and track work orders, they are capable of so much more. With a little extra attention, you can transform your CMMS into one that helps you cut costs, streamline your operation, and stay consistently ahead of the preventive maintenance curve. Even better, investment value can be reached sooner than you might think!

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Why Accurate Data is important for your CMMS

Posted by Erik Piller on 5/29/19 8:20 AM

Is your CMMS letting you down? Computer maintenance management systems are only as good as the information in them, and busy professionals don’t always have time to keep input current. Erik Piller explains how EMG can help by updating your CMMS with fresh, reliable data and giving you a preventative maintenance roadmap for equipment and building systems.

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How Will a Facility Condition Assessment Interface With My Maintenance Management System?

Posted by Matt Munter on 5/22/19 8:37 AM

Already planning a facility condition assessment? Take advantage of the opportunity and use the FCA to improve your maintenance management system at the same time. EMG’s Matt Munter explains how an FCA’s value can be maximized by including a comprehensive equipment inventory to update system data and set a better preventative maintenance course.

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Topics: facility condition assessments, FCA, preventive maintenance

Preventive Maintenance in Hospitality: 5 Tips for Building Engineers

Posted by Kristin Rueber on 7/26/18 12:32 PM

We all know those hotels – the ones with the leaking faucet, the groaning A/C that never quite cools the room, or the scary ceiling mold. We’ve either been unfortunate enough to wind up in one, or we’ve read a bad review and stayed far away. No building engineer wants to put this kind of face forward, but it can be tough to stay consistently on top of preventive maintenance. New problems seem to hit you almost every day, and budgets are never unlimited.

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