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The 4 Types of Commissioning and Why an Experienced, Objective Third Party is Necessary

Posted by Richard Compton on 5/20/19 9:44 AM

Commissioning, recommissioning, retro-commissioning, and continuous commissioning, huh? EMG’s Rich Compton takes the mystery out of commissioning services and explains why an experienced, objective third party is so important to the commissioning process.

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Topics: Energy Savings, Commissioning/Retrocommissioning

Why Are My Energy Bills So High?

Posted by Richard Compton on 5/10/19 8:57 AM

Whether it’s the age of your equipment or lack of maintenance, operating systems can easily slip into underperformance or stop performing at all. Don’t be caught by surprise when your energy costs escalate! EMG’s Rich Compton explains that professional building commissioning is a much more cost-effective solution than putting a band-aid on what isn’t working.

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Topics: Energy Savings, Commissioning/Retrocommissioning

CRE owners and developers: Critical areas to watch in 2019

Posted by Ron Stupi on 11/27/18 1:10 PM

Ron Stupi is President of EMG, a Bureau Veritas subsidiary that is the country’s largest technical assessment and project management enterprise in the commercial and government-owned real estate sectors.

As investors and developers in CRE and infrastructure plan for 2019, which issues and trends should they be examining today?

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Topics: Capital Planning, Internet of Things (IoT), Energy Savings, CapEx, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, Building Management Systems, Commissioning/Retrocommissioning, CRE

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