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Due Diligence 101: Property Condition Assessments

Posted by Greg Bailey on 7/28/14 2:22 PM
What is a Property Condition Assessment?

Pop Quiz:  If houses get home inspections, what do commercial properties get?
The answer:  Property Condition Assessments – or PCAs, as they are commonly called.
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Due Diligence 101: Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Posted by Justin Arias on 7/10/14 1:33 PM

What is a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment?

A Phase what? Environmental who? Nowadays, most people’s reaction to a “what is” question is “Google it!” (or “Bing it!” - I don’t discriminate). The problem is, if you are searching this question, the answers you find will likely leave you more confused than when you started…unless of course your search landed you here.  In which case, high-five Google! (or Bing!)

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