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Florida-Based Facilities Face Compliance Deadline with the Nursing Home Emergency Power Regulation

Posted by Debra Andrews on 10/25/17 2:34 PM

EMG Icons_Energy Savings ICON.pngOn September 16, 2017, the Agency for Health Care Administration in Florida adopted the Nursing Home Emergency Power Plan (59AER17-1) rule due to widespread and life-threatening power outages in Florida caused by Hurricane Irma.

By 11/1/17, owners and/or operators of nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Florida were required to document the ability to maintain safe temperatures (at or below 80 degrees Fahrenheit or less) in their facilities for 96 hours after a natural disaster or similar event or risk being cited for noncompliance.

Many of our clients’ facility departments were stretched thin due to an unprecedented hurricane season and reached out to us for assistance. If you are still in need of resources in Florida, Texas, or nationwide we’re here to help.

EMG can customize the scope to fit the needs of each client and asset including:

  • Inspect properties to determine their level of compliance
  • Develop the required “compliance plan” and scope of work (for both generator and fuel tanks)
  • Provide multiple bids from certified contractors
  • Manage installation or upgrades related to emergency generators and fuel tanks
  • Inspect project upon completion to verify compliance with scope

Expedite service delivery. Prepare your facilities for similar regulations at Senior Housing and Assisted Living facili

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