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EMG to the Rescue: Moisture Intrusion Mop-Up

Posted by Kristin Rueber on 8/29/16 3:11 PM

When EMG received the call from a national hotel brand stating concernsMoisture_in_Hotel_Room_Water_on_wall.jpg about moisture challenges at multiple locations which included: roof, window, elevator shaft leaks, interior plumbing issues, and water intrusion in guest rooms, our Architectural & Engineering (A&E) team jumped into action.

Following ASTM E 3026-15 “Standard Guide for Readily Observable Moisture Affected Materials and Conditions Conducive to Elevated Moisture in Commercial Buildings: Visual Moisture Assessment Process,” we deployed architectural and engineering professionals, including a Design Architect, to inspect the roofs, attics, mechanical systems, windows, vents, outer walls, and other possible sources of water intrusion.

It wasn't pretty. Investigation and clean-up never is.

The Moisture Mop-Up Process: From A&E Assessments to Project Management

A&E worked through the moisture assessment process, noting critical repair details for the EMG project management team, all while working with the Client’s on-site management to keep rooms operable, minimizing any interruption to business operations.

Sound a bit complex?

Learn more about the engagement and result of this project that spanned locations from the Mid-Atlantic, to the Central U.S, and the Pacific Northwest.

Read the Case Study

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