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Kaustubh Chabukswar is a Mechanical Engineer specializing in Energy Benchmarking, Audits, and Energy-Saving Calculators.

Email: kachabukswar@emgcorp.com
Phone: 800-733-0660 x 7512

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Asset Management 101: Energy Audits

Posted by Kaustubh Chabukswar on 10/27/14 9:12 AM

Have you ever seen your utility bills and thought about how it’s harming your pocket? Have you heard about companies that commit to ‘energy-saver’ programs or have you been wondering how your building can be more energy-efficient?

energy-audit.jpgEnergy audits are a way of understanding – and suggesting improvements for – a building’s energy consumption.

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Topics: Energy Audit, Energy

California Energy Benchmarking: Answers on AB 1103

Posted by Kaustubh Chabukswar on 7/1/14 9:52 AM
California Energy Benchmarking: Answers on AB 1103

What is AB 1103?
Assembly Bill 1103 -- also known as the Nonresidential Building Energy Use Disclosure Program -- is a mandated energy benchmarking program approved by the State of California. 
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Topics: California, AB 1103, Energy Benchmarking, Building Owners

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