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Justin Arias has over ten years of experience in managing comprehensive environmental services for real estate lifecycle planning and management. He is the Director of Environmental Technical Operations at EMG.

Email: jjarias@emgcorp.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/justinjarias

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Danger! Why Questionable Assumptions About Radon Can Have Toxic Consequences to Property Owners and Lenders

Posted by Justin Arias on 1/29/15 10:18 AM
RadonNaturally occurring. Odorless. Colorless. Tasteless. And responsible for an EPA-estimated 21,000 deaths per year. Radon – a cancer-causing gas that creeps into building foundations, cracks in walls, and even water supplies unnoticed
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Topics: Radon, Environmental

Due Diligence 101: Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Posted by Justin Arias on 7/10/14 1:33 PM

What is a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment?

A Phase what? Environmental who? Nowadays, most people’s reaction to a “what is” question is “Google it!” (or “Bing it!” - I don’t discriminate). The problem is, if you are searching this question, the answers you find will likely leave you more confused than when you started…unless of course your search landed you here.  In which case, high-five Google! (or Bing!)

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Topics: Environmental Site Assessment, 101, Phase I

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