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A Seamless Multi-Site Remodel Is Possible

Posted by Chris Varney on 7/12/16 6:30 AM

Tackle a multi-site remodel program the right way.

Remodel Tip Sheet from EMGWe've gathered the top 6 EMG expert considerations that will help you prepare for a successful remodel program.


From retail facilities, to hospitality, to convenience stores, to self-storage facilities and more - these 6 points will ensure that your project stays on track.

1. Create a Comprehensive Program for Scale and Consistency

Set a clear scope and responsibilities for all parts of the program.

2. Approach: How to Execute the Remodels

Communicate how construction will impact the site or sites. Determine if vendors will be on-site overnight, after hours, or during store hours. Will all sites remain open?

3. Build a Scalable 5-Star Team

Selecting the right regional and/or national partners for your multi-site remodel is critical.

4. Communication: Avoid Mistakes

Communication is critical throughout the remodel/refresh program. Whether you’re engaging one site or multi-sites, it’s imperative that regular and reliable information is conveyed in a timely manner regarding the construction schedule and any impact to facilities.

5. Use an Interactive Project Management Tool

A customizable, collaborative and easy-to-use online project management tool will enable the entire team to:ProTrack_Logo_FINAL.jpg
•Capture milestones
•Save and share documents
•Hold team members accountable
•Provide the most accurate information at all times from anywhere

EMG’s ProTrack is a web-based project management tool that is updateable in real time and provides multi-site tracking, secure log-ins, and auto-generated reports.

6. Site Visits: Boots on the Ground

Regular site visits are the best way to verify construction quality, and personally check in with operations and other on-site staff. 

Download our free guide for in-depth details on the

6 considerations mentioned above.


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