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The Top Multifamily Green Financing Questions Asked by Borrowers and Lenders (and Answered by EMG) – Part II of II

Posted by Debra Andrews on 7/10/17 8:07 AM

In Part I of EMG’s blog series on multi-family green financing, Kaustubh Chabukswar, addressed questions about why green financing is red hot, greenwashing, and more. In part II, we look at differences between the various green financing programs; dig deeper into Form 4099.H; and discuss what could throw a green financing transaction off-course.

Question: How has Form 4099.H improved the process?

Kaustubh: The new Fannie Mae Form 4099.H enables lenders to do their own reviews. It includes a plumbing calculator that will standardize water / sewer savings and reduce the number of errors. The new guidance related to Form 4099.H also includes updated scoring requirements. When consultants achieve a score of 1 at least 5 times, they can pre-qualify for fast-tracking of report reviews.

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The Top Multifamily Green Financing Questions Asked by Borrowers and Lenders (and Answered by EMG) – Part I of II

Posted by Debra Andrews on 6/28/17 5:08 PM

Last year, Fannie Mae made $3.6 billion in green loans to multifamily property owners. That growth is nothing short of remarkable, considering its pilot program was tested in 2012 starting with $55 million. EMG was the only consulting firm asked to participate in the pilot, and we have grown right along with the green financing movement. With green reaching a fever pitch in 2017, I sat down to talk with Kaustubh Chabukswar, EMG’s multifamily green financing and energy expert. I wanted to better understand what’s happening in the market and if the shift towards profitable sustainability is here to stay.

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Topics: Green Financing, Fannie Mae Green Financing, Freddie Mac GreenUp, High Performance Building Consultant, Form 4099.H, Multifamily Green Financing, Green Financing Questions, Greenwashing, Freddie Mac GreenUp Plus

How Grenfell Tower Tragically Taught The World about Flammable Building Cladding

Posted by Jim Bartlett on 6/22/17 12:46 PM

Commercial Real Estate professionals tend to think that if a building is relatively new, then there shouldn’t be many serious issues of concern. In the complex world of building materials though, newer is not always better. Over the years, our industry has witnessed building materials such as fire retardant treated plywood, polybutylene and ABS piping, EIFS and engineered wood siding, oriented strand board, and Chinese drywall added to a growing list of items prone to poor performance and/or failure. The latest and possibly most dangerous addition to the list may be certain Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM) used in exterior cladding applications. 

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Topics: Property Condition Assessment, Aluminum Composite Material cladding, ACM Cladding, 2012 IBC, Section 1407, NFPA 285, Building Condition Assessment, PCAs

What is the Joint Commission Survey for Health Care Organizations? A Primer for Facility Directors

Posted by Debra Andrews on 6/20/17 1:50 PM

Because of a misconception that The Joint Commission’s survey only focuses on healthcare and medicine, hospitals often miss the environment of care and life safety standards included in the survey. Here’s a helpful summary of the survey to ensure your facilities director is ready to help you pass all the standards—not just the most widely known. If you’d like more information, you can also download our free The Joint Commission Survey Summary Tip Sheet.

Joint Commission Survey Summary Tip Sheet

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Topics: Joint Commission Survey, JCAHO, Healthcare Facilities

Score Big with Your Capital Plan

Posted by Kristin Rueber on 6/6/17 10:18 AM

Buildings need continual repair and maintenance. But you can’t play favorites. How do you determine which building(s) in your portfolio receive the time, attention, and dollars that they deserve (and need)?

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Topics: Capital Planning, planned capital programs, capital projects, facility condition assessments, facilities master plan

The 8 Top ADA Violations And How To Avoid Them

Posted by Kristin Rueber on 3/21/17 5:20 PM

American with Disabilities Act (ADA) litigation is on the rise. Accessibility lawsuits stemming from the ADA, as well as state and local accessibility laws and statutes, are on the rise nationally. Serial plaintiffs are finding more ways to create a backlog of accessibility lawsuits across the nation. It’s not uncommon for one plaintiff to be responsible for hundreds of "drive-by lawsuits."

But what can you do about avoiding ADA lawsuits?

Two things: be proactive, and know what to watch for.

Below are the 8 areas with the most common barriers that EMG documents during ADA/Accessibility Assessments.

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Topics: ADA, Accessibility Compliance, Retail ADA Requirements, Accessibility Assessments, ADA Compliance, ada violations, ADA Assessments, ADA Consulting

Need Project Management Help in 2017? We're Listening

Posted by Kristin Rueber on 2/23/17 6:16 PM

As you evaluate your project load, we invite you to consider your options. From A to Z (ADA to Zoning) and everything in between, we'll provide insight on the best way to manage your real estate transactions. Project assistance includes guiding you from acquisition to disposition. We're here to help.

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Topics: ASTM, Real Estate Life Cycle, Project Management, ALTA Survey, Phase I ESA

5 Tips: ALTA Surveys and Table A Items

Posted by Kristin Rueber on 2/23/17 2:57 PM

From Acquisition to Disposition, the real estate due diligence process has a lot of moving parts. Add in an ALTA Survey and a few Table A Items and you've possibly stirred up some confusion. 

Utilities, Wetlands, Easements, Encroachments, and Setbacks. Oh My!

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Topics: ALTA Survey, ALTA Optional Table A Item 11, 2016 ALTA/NSPS Standards, ALTA Table A

Drone Technology: Boots on the Ground or Eyes in the Sky?

Posted by Ron Stupi on 1/24/17 2:51 PM

Boots on the ground or eyes in the sky? Don’t shoot! It’s not a spy. Drones are here to rewrite how we monitor construction sites. Would you rather send out a drone to capture images or tether a human to a steep sloped roof while juggling a camera? OSHA seems to be in favor of drone use. We say, bring on the drones, but with a few caveats. It’s a new technology so it’s wise to be somewhat skeptical.

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Complex ALTA Survey Coordination: A Case Study

Posted by Kristin Rueber on 9/7/16 10:51 AM

Real estate transactions. Due diligence. ALTA Surveys. Zoning Reports. Sometimes the process is easy, sometimes it can be quite complex.

When DuPont spun off its performance chemicals assets into a new company, Chemours, they needed ALTA surveys and zoning reports on 35 assets across the nation.

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